"Our goal is to provide excellent services at competitive prices, making ACEs the best value for both reliable service and low cost."

Corporate Profile

Advanced Concepts Enterprises, Inc. (ACEs) provides support services to the government at all levels. The company was founded in December 2002, and is currently headquartered throughout the United States.

A Service-Disabled Veteran, Woman-Owned Small Business

We are a CVE-verified Service-Disabled Veteran and Woman-Owned Small Business with teams of dedicated, innovative and talented employees and a track record of providing the requisite multi-disciplinary capabilities to address our clients’ complex issues and needs. We work hand in hand with our clients, leveraging our combined strengths and resources to achieve their goals. ACEs is committed to providing veterans and industry experts with extensive experience to provide continuity to our nation’s defense and mission success. As professionals, we continue to serve our country because we are genuinely interested in the defense of our nation and the direction it takes. ACEs provides administrative, engineering, C4ISR, logistics consulting, technical consulting, research and development, program and project management, facilitation, and training support services.

ACEs Standards of Business Conduct and Codes of Ethics

ACEs believes that ethical values establish the foundation for its business success. We strive to conduct our business activities consistent with the highest ethical standards as well as the many laws, regulations and policies that impact our business dealings. We believe our company and all of our stakeholders benefit when integrity is the cornerstone of our operations. Therefore, we take pride in the ethics program we provide for ourselves, our employees, and all who work on behalf of ACEs.


ACEs expects its employees to implement ethical values throughout their organizations. To facilitate this process, ACEs has established an Ethics & Compliance Program that is provided to each of our employees. In addition, a web-based Standards of Conduct & Code of Ethics Handbook is available to employees to assist them with day-to-day decision making. The handbook includes workplace rules, standards of business conduct, guidance on procurement requirements and intellectual property rights, among other information.